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Reku Gets Staking Approval from BAPPEBTI: The Leading Crypto Exchange in Indonesia, Low Fees and Enhanced Security

What is Reku(Rekeningku)? Reku is Indonesia’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, providing users with a wide and reliable platform for investing, buying or selling digital assets. Reku has been registered with BAPPEBTI since its inception, providing easy, secure, and regulated access to crypto assets, with a vision of becoming the go to guide for all things crypto in Indonesia.

Reku was founded in 2018 by a group of dedicated founders with extensive experience in the crypto community, and has remained focused on developing top quality products to serve its users effectively. The company takes pride in being a pioneer in the crypto industry, providing carefully selected coins and tokens, round-the-clock customer support via live chat, and facilitating fast and affordable transaction processes for crypto investments.

With transactions exceeding 10 trillion Indonesian rupiahs, Reku has earned the trust of its loyal user base since its inception. The commitment and expertise of the leadership team, as well as that of its members, have contributed to this success:

·       Sumardi Fung as Chief Executive Officer

·       Robby as Chief Compliance Officer

·       Jesse Choi as Chief Operating Officer

Reku has been rapidly growing under their guidance, making it a secure and user friendly platform designed to meet the needs of Indonesia’s crypto community.

The Reku staking service has just been officially approved by Bappebti. This milestone continues to confirm Reku’s position as the pioneer crypto company in Indonesia, with around 500,000 active users. In order to ensure compliance with the regulations and guidelines on staked activities, Reku has been working closely with Bappebti since September 2, 2022.

Reku stands out as the first and only company to expand the scope of work in the crypto exchange industry. On June 8 th, Reku became Indonesia’s first crypto company to receive a Decree from the Head of Bappebti in order to establish a transparent and compliant platform for coin staking.

Users can be sure that their staked crypto assets are safely stored on the blockchain by using Reku’s services. Reku’s priority is to ensure that transactions are transparent and allow users to have access to their transaction history on the blockchain through their Reku wallet address. It is not only Reku’s shareholders who are empowered by this commitment to transparency, but also safeguards against possible misuse or mismanagement of the funds.

There are a number of advantages for users to engage in the staking process through Reku, e.g. reward that acts as a token of appreciation towards their participation in blockchain development. With a reward of up to 12 % per year, Reku supports the staking of five different coins, including Cardano (ADA), Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Solana (SOL), Polkadot (DOT), dan Tezos (XTZ). 

Given the current market conditions, Reku’s staking service offers an appealing investment alternative amidst market fluctuations. The Reku service provides users with an efficient way to generate income through the offer of steady rewards. Moreover, the rewards obtained directly from staking on the blockchain network tend to surpass those provided by third-party intermediaries.

Reku continues to make a significant impact on the crypto industry, giving the ability for users to fully exploit their cryptocurrencies’ potential. The partnership of Reku with Bappebti strengthens the position as a reliable platform for conducting activity in Indonesia, through its commitment to security, transparency and profitability.

Reku offers a secure and reliable platform for the staking of your assets, whether you are an experienced crypto investor or new to cryptocurrencies. Take your journey to secure and profitable crypto staking by joining Reku today at

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