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Robert F. Kennedy’s Bitcoin Investment: A Historical Journey of HODL and Personal Ownership

The world of cryptocurrencies has always been filled with surprises, and it seems that even political figures are not immune to its allure. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic presidential candidate, has been at the center of attention lately. Despite initially denying any ownership, it’s come to light that Kennedy has significant holdings in bitcoin, raising questions about how he views digital currency and its implications for his campaign. This article explores the historical journey of Kennedy’s Bitcoin investment, shedding light on the concepts of HODL (Hold On for Dear Life) and personal ownership.

Kennedy’s Conflicting Statements

During the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. expressed his admiration for Bitcoin and emphasized the importance of nurturing and protecting the network. Despite these, Kennedy has clarified that his support for Bitcoin is not investment advice. However, his claims were contradicted by a further financial disclosure obtained from CNBC.

Bitcoin Investment Revealed

According to the financial disclosure, as of June 30, Kennedy’s family held between $100,001 and $250,000 worth of Bitcoin in a brokerage account. The disclosure did not specify when the investment was made but stated that the family’s income from the purchase was less than $201. The investment had been attributed to his wife Cheryl Hines, an established actress, by Kennedy’s campaign. However, they later corrected their statement, confirming that the Bitcoin investment belonged to Kennedy himself.

Conflict of Interest Debate

Concerns have arisen about potential conflicts of interest due to the emergence of Kennedy’s investments in bitcoin. These concerns were dismissed by Kennedy’s campaign manager, Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich, who claimed that the investment had taken place following Kennedy’s positive comments on bitcoin. The campaign believed that there was no conflict of interest in Kennedy’s ownership of the cryptocurrency.

Kennedy’s Support for Bitcoin

Though Kennedy’s comments on Bitcoin have decreased in frequency since his Miami event, he occasionally uses Twitter to express his support for the digital asset. On June 27, he tweeted, “Bitcoin is not only a bulwark against totalitarianism and the manipulation of our money supply, it points the way toward a future in which government institutions are more transparent and more democratic.”

The Path to the Primaries

Kennedy needs to win Democratic presidential primaries against President Joe Biden in order to have any chance of becoming a politician. However, recent polls from Echelon Insights indicate that the majority of voters (65%) are inclined to support Biden, while only a small percentage (14%) would choose Kennedy.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ‘s Bitcoin investment has become a focal point of discussion, revealing the complexities surrounding personal ownership and its implications for political campaigns. Kennedy’s financial disclosures confirmed the fact that his family had invested significant amounts in crypto, despite initially denying their involvement with bitcoin. The impact of bitcoin on the political landscape is a fascinating issue as we approach the Democratic Party’s presidential primary. Regardless of the result, a debate on the future of finance and its intersection with policy aspirations has been ignited by Kevin Kennedy’s venture into digital currency.

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