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Exploring Blockchain’s Impact on the Coffee Supply Chain!

The Blockchain world has a great advantage to the agriculture industry which helps the old industry reach a new sky. Everything related to data and transactions can be enhanced with traceability, security, and speed. All of these features and benefits can transform agriculture and help it. Decentralized ledger technology (DLT) can be mixed with other innovative tech solutions, including machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, artificial intelligence (AI), satellites, and drone imagery, for the benefits.

The adoption of blockchain can help farmers to increase customer and stakeholder trust. Tracking the origin and transportation of a product can be done easily, with the blockchain providing an unmatched level of security for data storage and sharing. So, traceability can transform insurance processes, speeding up processes that can take months. One of the most active agricultural sectors adopting the technology is the coffee industry which is expected to reach global revenues of $541 billion by 2025. And promoting blockchain can help boost revenues.

Indonesia is the fourth-largest coffee producer in the world. Coffee plantations cover more than 1 million hectares of the country’s territory, with over 90% of the land cultivated by small-scale producers. Solok Radjo, a cooperative of over 3,000 coffee farmers based in West Sumatra, is using blockchain thanks to a partnership with Dimitra, a global AgTech firm.

Dimitra Incorporated is a global Agtech company with a mission to help smallholder farmers across the world. The Dimitra platform is built on blockchain technology and incorporates mobile technology, machine learning, IoT devices, satellite and drone imagery, genomics, and advanced farming research. Dimitra believes that every smallholder farmer, regardless of economic standing, should benefit from simple, beautiful, and useful technology. Solok Radjo uses Dimitra’s Connected Farmer and Connected Coffee applications. These user-friendly solutions help coffee farmers improve the value chain by streamlining data collection and sharing, quality assurance, coffee processing, cupping, and more.

Solok Radjo implements food safety and growing requirements to be ready for its export markets, including the United States, Australia, and Europe. This increases profitability, helps with exports and benefits thousands of local farmers. Thanks to its partnership with Dimitra, Solok Radjo is a forward-thinking agricultural collective that uses eco-friendly farming methods to cultivate their crops. Dimitra offers blockchain and tech solutions for different agricultural sectors worldwide. The application incorporates multiple module components, including My Farm, My Crops and My Livestock.


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