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MetaMask and the Tax Implications for Crypto Holders!

Launched by Aaron Davis in 2016 and headquartered in San Francisco, MetaMask is a decentralized, Ethereum-based wallet that allows users to store, buy, send, convert, and swap crypto tokens. MetaMask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that supports a variety of Ethereum-based tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on supported blockchains. MetaMask’s approach to the security system is through anonymity and entrusting private keys to users. 

The parent company behind the crypto wallet MetaMask has earned “inaccurate” rumors that it is collecting tax on crypto transactions. ConsenSys, the company behind the crypto wallet MetaMask has turned down the rumors that it collects taxes from cryptocurrency users. The company informed its 270,000 Twitter followers on May 22nd that the rumors were based on some ‘inaccurate information’ drawn from a misreading of MetaMask’s terms of service.

The company also clarified that the tax section of its terms of service exclusively referred to products and paid plans offered, and had nothing to do with on-chain crypto transactions. However, some members of the crypto community mentioned some foul play on May 21st after users noticed a section of MetaMask’s terms of service that says the company ‘reserved the right to withhold taxes where required.’ Some believed that this is related to users’ income taxes.

This misinformation spread fast and with a speed boost up the ranks to make the front page of r/cryptocurrency on Reddit, where it has gathered more than 500 upvotes and 600 comments at the time of publication. Screenshots of the highlighted section were also picked up by a number of large accounts on Twitter. Also, some bearing emphatic claims that MetaMask was now treading the same path as Ledger, which recently surprised users with a controversial upgrade. However, not everyone bought into this rumor, with some crypto community quickly clearing out these claims.


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