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Atomic Wallet Hacked – Millions Stolen, Investigation Underway

The news of a security breach on Atomic Wallet shook the crypto world in recent days leading to an ongoing investigation which is aimed at understanding the scale and impact of this attack. The team at Atomic Wallet is actively working to analyze the situation and they will provide updates accordingly.

According to SlowMist, the estimated losses from the Atomic Wallet hack amount to approximately $14.83 million. However, the latest information suggests that over $35 million has been taken. The alarming development has caused a great deal of concern in the crypto community and also highlighted the critical importance of effective security measures on Atomic Wallet.

SlowMist has prepared a publicly available list of hacker addresses, which can be found here: By sharing this information, SlowMist aims to provide affected individuals and interested parties with the ability to monitor the movement of the stolen assets. It can help to recover funds and possibly identify patterns or connections between hackers’ addresses, through such a collaboration within the community.

Furthermore, SlowMist is currently analyzing the datasets of hacker addresses provided by @zachxbt and @tayvano_ to determine the overall scale of the losses. The aim of the partnership effort is to gain a better understanding of how attackers use techniques, as well as what vulnerabilities they exploit. Identifying these vulnerabilities would make it easier for Atomic Wallet and the wider crypto ecosystem to strengthen security measures, while at the same time strengthening their defenses against future attacks.

In addition to analyzing, SlowMist is actively gathering additional information from victims affected by the Atomic Wallet hack. They are attempting to compile a complete view of the attack by gathering firsthand testimony and data, which could potentially provide significant information that would be helpful in identifying its perpetrators. In this context, it is necessary for users affected to take action and share their experience with Slow Mist in order to contribute to the investigation and help strengthen security practices going forward.

Atomic Wallet, in collaboration with SlowMist and other industry stakeholders, remains committed to addressing the security breach promptly and strengthening the platform’s resilience. Known for providing a secure and user-friendly environment for managing digital assets, Atomic Wallet is dedicated to rectifying the breach and implementing enhanced security measures moving forward.

A secure, easy to store solution for Crypto Enthusiasts is offered by Atomic Wallet. Atomic Wallet has established itself to be the trusted and reliable crypto solution, with its strong emphasis on safety, a broad range of supported cryptocurrencies, atomic swap functionality, user friendly interface as well as trustworthy customer support. To learn more about Atomic Wallet and its services, please visit their official website at The Atomic Wallet team has worked hard to prioritize user funds’ security, and will keep the community updated on developments in this investigation.

SlowMist’s role is essential in strengthening the security of blockchain networks and promoting the interests of individuals and organizations active in the digital currency sector. By delivering robust security solutions and actively contributing to the community, SlowMist helps to build trust and confidence in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology.  For further information about SlowMist and their expertise in blockchain security, please visit their official website at As a trusted partner in the fight against and prevention of such incidents in the crypto space, SlowMist’s extensive experience in the area of blockchain security makes it a trusted partner.

The affected users and the wider crypto community are eagerly awaiting further information from Atomic Wallet, SlowMist and other relevant parties as the investigation into the hack of Atomic Wallet progresses. The top priority in protecting the interests of all crypto enthusiasts will continue to be restoring trust and strengthening security measures.

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Wallet, A.-C. (2023, June 3). We have received reports of wallets being compromised. we are doing all we can to investigate and analyse the situation. as we have more information, we will share it accordingly.for any questions and concerns, contact Twitter. 

SlowMist. (2023a, January 13). 🚨 Slowmist Security Alert 🚨 @LendHubDefi , a HECO-based cross-chain lending platform, was attacked and suffered nearly $6 million in losses on January 13, 2023. here’s what happened 👇 Twitter.

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