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What is SoMove?

SoMove is the next-generation rhythm game that leverages Web3 technology and decentralized platforms in order to provide a compelling, immersive gaming experience for its players. SoMove is expected to change the gaming industry, incorporating fullbody motion tracked by cameras and offering players an opportunity to earn actual world value. The game is proudly built on Algorand, one of the largest crypto communities in the world.

One of the standout features of SoMove is its focus on physical activity. You’ll be able to experience a great workout while enjoying the game by dancing and keeping your body moving. SoMove is a wonderful way to exercise and pump your body, whether you are an experienced dancer or just starting out. 

SoMove offers basic house dance instructions for those who have never danced before or are looking to improve their skills. You will be able to exercise your muscles, learn new movements and improve your dancing abilities during each session. The game has created an exciting environment where players are encouraged to keep on dancing and improving.

Dancing is very well known for its health benefits. This is not just a fun and happy way of staying active, it offers many benefits to your overall well being. The exercise of dancing may increase the memory and cognitive skills, enhance mood and emotional well being, strengthen cardiovascular endurance to aid weight loss by burning fat and toning muscles, as well as improve heart health. SoMove uses these benefits to make it more than just a game, but also a means of improving your health and fitness.

To get started with SoMove, all you need is a laptop or PC with the Google Chrome browser installed. To ensure a smooth and comfortable playing experience, this game will be optimized for this platform. To play this game and get to know the fascinating world of SoMove you just need to visit our website, click on the link that’s given below. 

Check out the SoMove YouTube channel where you can watch examples of fluid dance movements and see how the game works for those who want to get a taste of what SoMove has to offer before they dive in. The channel is a useful resource for developing and practicing dance techniques, giving players the opportunity to improve their skill in games and on dancing floors.

If there is any input and feedback from players, as they will continue to innovate and expand. For the purpose of collecting intel and developing new Web3 products, they have produced a survey specifically tailored for our friends in Indonesia. If you reside in Indonesia, they invite you to participate in the survey by visiting the following link:

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in an exciting world of Somove where music, dance and the web3 technology are converging. To begin your journey, click ‘SoMove’ App Link:

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