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Twitter Suspends ‘Explain This Bob’ AI Bot Linked to Memecoin Following Elon Musk’s ‘Scam Crypto’ Claim

Twitter recently suspended the popular artificial intelligence-powered bot known as “Explain This Bob,” which was linked to a memecoin, following allegations of it being a “scam crypto account” made by Elon Musk. Before being discontinued, the account by Prabhu Biswal from India had a large following of over 400 000 users. The details of the suspension and its impact on both the bot and the associated memecoin, Bob TokenBOB, are discussed in this article.

Musk’s Accusation and Subsequent Suspension

In his tweet on June 18, Elon Musk refers to Explain This Bob’s account as a scam. The Twitter account had been removed just after his accusation, leaving a large number of followers unable to view the bot’s AI generated responses. The suspension came as a surprise to many, considering Musk’s previous positive sentiment towards the bot when he tweeted “I love Bob” in response to one of its tweets on April 20.

The Significance of Explain This Bob

Explaining that Bob was an AI powered robot, using OpenAI’s GPT 4 model to understand and respond to messages directed at the account. The bot’s ability to provide both informative and often humorous explanations for a broad range of topics has earned it its popularity. Users would tag the account in their tweets, seeking an amusing or enlightening response. In addition, the project is associated with a ERC 20 Memecoin named Bob TokenBO), which has been circulating since April.

Impact on Bob Token and Community Response

The associated meme coin, Bob Token, was immediately affected by the suspension of the Explain This Bob account. According to CoinGecko, the price of BOB fell by more than 30% as a result of this suspension. Many observers believe that Elon Musk’s accusation was based on his suspicion that the robot was being used as a marketing ploy to artificially inflate the price of BOB.

The Bob Token project team posted a humorous meme showing Musk watching the sad “Bob” inside prison in response to his suspension. The ‘FREEBOB’ hashtag, in support of the project, has been mobilized on Twitter by a number of crypto users who believe BOB is not a scam and are calling for its suspension to be lifted. Proponents claim that the launch of the BOB token has been fair and that BOB is fully decentralized, using a 0% tax system.

The suspension of the Explain This Bob AI bot, which is linked to a Memecoin called ‘BobToken BOB’ on Twitter has led to significant attention in the crypto community. The suspension of the account was triggered by Elon Musk’s allegation that it was a “scam crypto” account, which caused the price of BOB to fall sharply. The “FREEBOB” hashtag was used by supporters of the project to argue that the token was legitimate and that the suspension was unjustified. As this situation develops,  the fate of Explain This Bob and its connection to Bob Token remains uncertain, awaiting further clarification from Twitter and the project’s creator.


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