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Unlocking Web3 Privacy: Introducing Manta Network, Our Powerful New Partnership

Privacy in the digital era has always been an issue, and with the development of Web3 it’s becoming even more important that privacy be guaranteed for decentralized systems. The challenge to maintain the confidentiality of user data is also inherent in the transparency of blockchain technology which offers many advantages. Innovative solutions are needed to address these issues and protect user privacy in the era of Web3. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce Manta Network, our powerful new partnership that is set to revolutionize Web3 privacy.

What is Manta Network?

Manta Network stands out as an innovative game changer in the field of Web3 privacy solutions. It is a layer1 blockchain that leverages ZK technology, specifically known as Manta Atlantic. The exceptional speed and decentralization of the Manta Network make it a potent force in the field of programmable privacy.

Manta Atlantic utilizes zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to guarantee the execution of transfers while keeping sensitive information private. Manta Atlantic uses ZKPs to act as witnesses rather than publish transaction details directly on the blockchain, which could compromise privacy. This method ensures the correct implementation of the Protocol without disclosing personal data. The Manta network has spent two years building its ZK system and infrastructure, resulting in a groundbreaking solution that offers both privacy and interoperability.

Suite of Products and Technologies

Manta Network offers a comprehensive suite of products and technologies that empower users to enjoy privacy in their Web3 interactions. One of their key innovations is zkNFTs, which revolutionize privacy for non-fungible tokens. With ZkNFTs, users can keep ownership and transaction details of these unique digital assets confidential to provide them with assurance that their NFT activity is shielded from surveillance.

Additionally, Manta Network introduces MantaPay, a user-friendly payment solution with strong ZK support. MantaPay allows users to conduct private transactions across various use cases, including e-commerce, decentralized finance (DeFi), and more. MantaPay makes transactions seamless and secure while ensuring privacy and confidentiality through the use of Zero-Knowledge proofs.

Advantages of the Partnership

Our partnership with Manta Network unlocks numerous benefits for both parties involved. We strengthen our commitment to protecting user data and providing more advanced privacy features through the integration of Manta Network’s dedicated privacy infrastructure on our platform. Through this collaboration, we can offer our users advanced privacy options and expand our range of secure Web3 services. At the same time, Manta Network gains broader visibility and adoption, enabling their innovative solutions to reach a wider audience.

The Future of Web3 Privacy

The Manta Network’s technology will lead to the emergence of a future in which Web3 privacy is standard. Through the ZK technology, users can confidently engage in decentralized applications, making transactions and interacting with Smart Contracts that protect their privacy. The wider implications of Manta Network’s development in the sector are significant beyond individual users. The ability to achieve privacy and programmability in Web3 opens the door to exciting possibilities across various sectors, including finance, supply chain, healthcare, and more.

Looking ahead, the shared vision of Manta Network and our partnership is to create a more secure and private Web3 ecosystem. We strive to empower individuals with control over their personal information and foster trust in the web3 landscape as we collaborate to improve the privacy features, develop new use cases, and promote adoption.


The partnership with the Manta Network marks a significant step forward towards Web3 privacy solutions. By leveraging Manta Network’s cutting-edge ZK technology, we can unlock a new era of privacy and security for users. Users will be empowered to take part in Web3 activities while safeguarding their personal data by using the Manta Network product and technology range, which includes zkNFTs as well as MantaPay. Our partnership with Manta Network brings us one step closer to achieving our shared vision of a more private and secure Web3.

We’re excited about the possibilities that open up with Manta Network technology in terms of future Web3 privacy. We can build an ecosystem where privacy is the norm, empowering people and giving Web3 its full potential.

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