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Manta Network Developer p0x labs Raises $25m Series A, Launches Layer 2 for ZK apps

Primary focuses will be expanding Layer 2 Manta Pacific and the development of its next-gen zero knowledge apps; and Layer 1 Manta Atlantic, which has minted over 300,000 zkSBTs across Arbitrum, Galxe, Linea, and CyberConnect.

P0x labs, the cryptographic development team building Manta Network, today announces its $25 million Series A, led by Polychain Capital and Qiming Venture Partners, bringing its valuation to $500 million. 

In addition, Manta Network, the multi-modular ecosystem for ZK applications, today launches the testnet of its Layer 2 for ZK applications, Manta Pacific. The funds raised will be used to scale the project’s network, user base, and use cases for Manta Pacific.

“Individually, Manta Network’s ZK solutions, Celestia’s modular data availability layer, and Optimism’s OP Stack have gained substantial traction within our respective spheres. By combining these three together, we are creating the best-in-class ecosystem for developers and users when it comes to ZK use cases.  This will be instrumental in driving user adoption of ZK products,” said Kenny Li, Core Contributor of Manta Network.

Manta Pacific is the first EVM-native modular execution layer specifically designed for ZK adoption and use cases. It leverages Manta’s universal circuits and SDKs which have plug-and-play functionality, freeing up developers’ time and resources to focus on their core products. The L2 also utilizes Celestia’s data availability layer for security and low gas fees; and the modified OP Stack through Caldera for scalability. 

“We are excited to see Manta expanding into the Ethereum ecosystem, and have doubled down on our investment this Series A round,” said Luke Pearson, Investor at Polychain Capital. “Manta Pacific will leverage the performance capabilities of the modular ecosystem, whilst also allowing increasing access to ZK through Universal Circuits. We are excited to see ZK adoption grow, bringing throughput and privacy to the ecosystem.”

ZK tech has been widely recognized as a promising solution for addressing the scalability and privacy challenges faced by the Ethereum blockchain. Increasing investor and developer activity also indicates growing confidence and support for this emerging sector. However, many existing initiatives remain isolated from end users, who ultimately drive blockchain activity, thus leaving an unaddressed gap in the market.

“We’re excited to support Manta Network in its journey to unlock ZK adoption. We have seen for the first time the real potential for ZK to onboard substantial user numbers through applied use cases such as the zkSBT (private soul-bound tokens). We are looking forward to extending that adoption into web2 as well, and helping Manta Network with Qiming’s extensive resources to enter into the Asia market,” said Yi Tang, Principal at Qiming Venture Partners.

Manta Pacific’s testnet currently features various zkApps for users to start accessing including zkHoldEm, a fully on-chain and private Texas Hold’em game; zkMe, a protocol for private and verified credentials; and zkPass, a privacy-preserving protocol for data verification. 

Manta Atlantic, the fastest ZK layer-1 for compliant on-chain privacy, amassed a large and growing user base due to the popularity of its products, including its flagship NPO platform that launched earlier this year in April 2023, which has since minted over 300,000 zero-knowledge soulbound tokens (zkSBTs) across key ecosystem partners including Arbitrum, Galxe, Linea, and CyberConnect. The network’s native wallet, Manta Wallet, has over 200,000 installs to bring users into its ecosystem. Ecosystem projects including ReadOn, Dmail and AsMatch, with a collective user base of over 1.5 million users,  have already integrated zkSBT functionality for private user ID and additional privacy-enhanced functionalities in their applications to deliver a better user experience.

About Manta Network

Manta Network is the multi-modular ecosystem for zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. Manta Atlantic, the fastest ZK L1 chain, brings programmable privacy to web3 through compliant on-chain privacy and identity. Manta Pacific, the unique L2 ecosystem for EVM-native ZK applications, provides a scalable and inexpensive gas-fee environment for ZK applications to deploy simply using Solidity. Together, Manta Atlantic and Manta Pacific deliver an unparalleled experience for the next generation of web3 application development and adoption with the applied usage of zero-knowledge cryptography.

About p0x labs

p0x labs is the space for building cutting-edge cryptographic technologies. p0x labs is a team of world-class contributors on a mission to enable privacy across web3. At p0x labs, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right and we work to build and deploy the tools to make it accessible to the world. Powered by zero-knowledge proofs, we lead innovation in the cryptography space.

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